Diesel Care and Cure Additive


Added to the fuel tank to remove contamination of water, resin and Diesel Bug.

▪ Treats the ENTIRE fuel system
▪ Suitable for ALL diesel engines
▪ Restore power & performance
▪ Improves fuel economy
▪ Eliminates rough idle
▪ Reduces exhaust emissions
▪ Removes resin, carbon, wax & acid build-up
▪ Absorbs & removes moisture utilising it in the cleaning process
▪ Lubricates ALL moving components in the fuel system
▪ Restores injector spray patterns and flow rates
▪ 500 mls will treat up to 500 litres of diesel litre fuel system for 5,000 kms or 3 months
▪ Kills & protects against Algae infections
▪ Applies a protective coating on ALL fuel system components
▪ Protects injector pump from piston scuffing
▪ US EPA APPROVED (#1866-02)