DPF Cleaning

If you're a diesel vehicle owner looking to get maximum performance, efficiency and reliability out of your engine, you should get regular DPF cleaning.
Diesel Particulate Filter Warning Lights

Off Vehicle DPF Cleaning

We can clean your diesel particulate filter from anywhere in Australia. The process is very easy and will cost you less than replacing the DPF.

How our off vehicle DPF cleaning service works

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  2. Take your vehicle to your preferred mechanic to have the DPF removed
  3. We will organise shipping to our cleaning facility and back to your mechanic for refitting
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Expert DPF Cleaning, Regeneration and Tuning for Cars, 4x4s and Trucks

If you own a car with a diesel engine, then you must clean your DPF regularly.

Regularly cleaning your diesel particulate filter (DPF) not only reduces your car’s fuel consumption but also its emission levels, which makes you an eco-friendly driver!

Keeping your car's Diesel particulate filter (DPF) clean will help you keep your fuel consumption low and your vehicle's performance high.

If your DPF warning lights are flashing, it means it requires cleaning.

Ignoring the DPF warning lights could cost you a whole new set of problems if you don't get them fixed right away.

It’s time to get some DPF cleaning specialists on the job.

Contact us today.

Mobile DPF Cleaning Service

We can Diagnosis DPF Problems, Unblock your DPF, Clean your PDF and Regenerate your DPF

If your DPF is clogged, or if you're having DPF problems, we can diagnose and fix the issue so that your engine runs optimally again.

We have trained our mechanics extensively so they can diagnose, clean, unclog or regenerate your vehicle‘s diesel particulate filter.

We can help you if you've searched for "DPF cleaning near me" and live on the east coast anywhere from Sydney to Coffs Harbour.

Mobile DPF Cleaning Service

Car DPF Cleaning

If you drive a diesel vehicle such as a Volkswagen, Mini Cooper, BMW, Mercedes, Audi or Skodak, your engine will have a diesel particulate filter (DPF) if it was manufactured after January 1st, 2012.

Our DPF specialists have the ability to unblock, clean, re­generate and tune your car‘s DPF quickly on location at your house or business.

Car DPF Cleaning

4WD DPF Cleaning

Regardless of whether your 4x4 is a Toyota, Nissan, Volkswagen, Ford, Land Rover, Jeep or Mitsubishi, we service diesel particulate filters on all models from Land Cruises to Amarok’s to Patrols, Wranglers and More.

If you're driving your 4WD on city streets or country roads, having a clean DPF will help you save money by keeping your fuel costs low. If you're heading off-roading on weekend trips, having a clean DPF will give you the ultimate performance.

4WD DPF Cleaning

Truck DPF Cleaning

If you have a heavy-duty vehicle with a gross weight of up to six tonnes, we can perform a clean, regenerative and tune of your DPF quickly, so that you’re back on the road quickly.

We offer our mobile truck DPF cleaning services directly at your home or business.

Truck DPF Cleaning

Our 3 Step Specialist DPF Cleaning Service

We offer a three-step diagnostic procedure and perform advanced diagnostics to identify potential DPF faults.

Step 1: Advanced DPF Diagnostics

Our technician performs advanced troubleshooting, testing, and diagnostic steps before carrying out any cleaning procedures to determine the condition and function of all components and sensors associated with the DPF to be sure a thorough cleaning will fix any issues.

The differential pressure of the diesel particulate filter is measured and compared to determine if they're clogged and cleaned accordingly.

Step 2: DPF Cleaning & Flushing

A fuel additive designed to help clean the filter and lower the temperature at which the filter needs to be regenerated is added to the fuel tanks.

Using our specialist European-design DPF cleaner, the solution is injected directly into your DPF filter and allowed time to soak, starting the cleaning process.

Then we start up the car again and let it idle for a few minutes so the cleaning solution can get into every nook and cranny of the exhaust system.

After we've finished cleaning out the DPF, we inject a two-stage flush directly into the DPF while the car is running at high idle.

Step 3: DPF Regeneration & Analysis

Now, a forced or manual regeneration is performed so that correct functioning of the DPF can observed and real time data can be monitored.

After comparing the new data to the old data, differential pressure is used to determine if an effective clean has been performed.

DPF Replacement

Ideally, a DPFs cleaning or DPF repair will be the most cost-effective option. If there are any circumstances preventing us from doing so, our DPF specialist will tell you why.

If a repair isn't possible, replacing your car's DPF may be necessary.

Contact us today to book your vehicle in for a service