Stage 2 Carbon Service

Our stage 2 carbon service combines our induction service and carbon clean service. The stage 2 service takes 4-5 hours to conduct.

Every service begins with a full diagnostics scan to ascertain engine condition and running characteristics.

if an issue is found that our services will not rectify the customer is notified before any work is commenced. During our services live data monitoring takes place.

After a diagnostic scan is completed an exhaust gas emissions test is conducted using our compliance level 8 GAS analyser. Tested emissions include carbon monoxide (CO) , No + No2 (nox) and hydrocarbons. A printout is provided displaying before and after tested data.

This helps show the before and after running conditions of the engine with a post serviced engine running efficiently shown in the exhaust gas readings.

The build up found in the induction tract and manifold leads to a significant decline in engine performance leading to rough idling, lack of power, high fuel consumption and high emissions including a high production of soot in diesels and if fitted with a DPF will lead to a potential DPF blockage and failure. Petrol engines are less susceptible to this build up due to many factors but can still suffer the same symptoms.

Build up can start causing issues in as little as 20000kms.

The build up found in diesels engines is a mixture of Exhaust Gas Particles being re-circulated as part of the EGR assembly mixing with the oil that has coated the surfaces due to crankcase ventilation gases. To get an idea what is happening its similar to throwing flour on a wet chopping board.

Our on vehicle induction cleaning equipment safely and effectively breaks down this buildup. Depending on pre service diagnostics in some cases removal and off vehicle cleaning of the induction system will be recommended.

On diesel engines it’s highly recommended that an oil fumes catch-can be fitted at the same time as an induction service to avoid oil re-coating these surfaces and avoiding future build up.

Our stage 2 carbon service combines our induction service and carbon clean service. the stage 2 service takes 4-5 hours to conduct.

Depending on factors such as kms, if an oil fumes catch can has previously been installed (diesels) and symptoms this service is highly recommended to achieve the best results most commonly in diesel engines.

Our (HHO) carbon service is ineffective on oily build up in induction tracts and does not begin taking effect till the combustion chamber.

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