FTC Ezypor Dispenser


The Ezypor device is the perfect solution for accurately measuring and dispensing the FTC Engine Decarbonizer into your fuel tank.

Gone are the days of messy spills and product wastage.

FTC Ezypor Dispenser

The EZYPOR is the perfect attachment to use when adding FTC Decarbonizer to your fuel tank. It turns the squeezable FTC bottle into a measuring dispenser by simply screwing  on top of the bottle.

The FTC EZYPOR dispenser is RE-USABLE, which means it is not throw-away once the product is finished.
Simply screw it onto your bottle of FTC Decarbonizer 1 Ltr bottle for a no mess, no drip and more importantly a correctly measured dose! THE  FTC Ezypor has a child safe lid and can be left on the FTC container when in storage

  • The POP-UP Spout stops drips and leaks
  • Dispenses  in 20ml increments
  • Child-proof
  • Non leaking
  • Clean and fast repeatable dispensing action
  • Heavy duty design